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The Sea Water Energy System Technology

The Sea Water Energy System Technology

SWES (Sea Water Energy System) Technology means that it produces ready to use, clean and stable electric power from seawater in an environmentally friendly way.

Universities laboratories, engineers and institutes of environmental protection were instrumental in the development of SWES Technology.
The most important part of the SWES Technology is the SWES Energy Cell which produces the basic electric power.

How does SWES dive light operate?

The dive light is the first product using SWES Technology.
The lamp gets the energy from seawater, so it’s basicly requires no special maintenance.
It could be operated by divers for many years.
There is no need to charge, replace battery, it’s simply has to be used.

The system begins to operate and provide the necessary energy as soon as the lamp touches the water.

The SWES Dive Light includes an energy cell which comprising an anode and a cathode arranged in the inner space with a spacing suitable for receiving an electrolyte liquid.
The electric power will be generating from the flowing through electrolyte liquid by the energy cell.